Serial Mysteries Escape Room Session #6
Serial Mysteries

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    Gala Event

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    Live Auction


Enjoy an approximately 90-minute exclusive escape room session with 75 minutes of actual game play for anywhere from 2 to 20 people. Choose from 3 different puzzle paths in our 4,000-sq. ft. facility. A unique and fun event for friend, work, or family gatherings. 


This session is good for 2-20 people. The session must be booked in advance (72 hours notice is what we ask for) Available dates and times are found on our website at Whoever wins the session would go to our site and find a date and time that works for them. It's better if they can find a day and time that shows 15 slots available which means that no other group has booked before because we plan to make the donation session an exclusive one.

Item Added: August 14, 2017