Portraits of an Emergency - DanSun Photo Art #104
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Portraits of an Emergency is a collection of images created by firefighter, paramedic, and artist Daniel Sundahl. The creation of these images provides a rare insight to the mental toll faced in the world of emergency services. Many of these images originate  from real emergencies attended by the artist, and help serve as a creative outlet in processing the terrible scenes he has witnessed.

About the Artist

Daniel was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1967. Taking up a global residency as an English language teacher in Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia, and Japan, he is now a firefighte rand paramedic for the City of Leduc. His love of photography began on his travels, and as his technique developed, he started to produce a blend of photography and graphic art, which he calls Photo Art.

Daniel enjoys combing the technical and artistic elements of his work. Each piece can take several days or weeks of processing until he feels it's ready for print. He continues to travel often and gains inspiration for his art from his experiences.

Item Added: August 16, 2017